Not Just a Karate Camp


Japan study for Summer Camp
Japan- one of the many countries we will “visit” during Summer Camp.

Our “all day” Summer Camp is open for the entire Summer Break for Pflugerville, Round Rock and Austin ISD’s and will focus this year on  “Exciting and Unique Places Around the World”.

We will spend time on unique  places and culture learning some of the language, customs and crafts using our unique “Passport Program” and our “Nationwide Park Pass”.

In this program each camper gets a passport and “travels” from country to country, continent to content and explores what makes the culture and the geography exciting and unique. And this year we are celebrating “Exciting America” with special (virtual) visits to places and parks that make our country special. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Fairy Stone parks a just a few; AND WE WILL OFFER A WEEK LONG “CAMP OUT” AS PART OF A SPECIAL OUTING FOR CAMPERS!

In addition, to add to the experience we have scheduled outings to places like “The Bullock Museum” where campers will get a full tour of the museum PLUS a 3D movie! During our “Tour Italy” immersion we have scheduled a private lesson at a local culinary school where the campers will make their own Italian meal from scratch!

Like we said, it’s not just “another Karate Camp”!

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Face Painting at Summer Camp
Face Painting Fun at Summer Camp

Each year we schedule special “In House” activities to provide a fun and educational experience. Flute (recorder) instruction, zumba
drums, face painting, bricks for kids are some examples of the unique activities our camp has to offer.

Check out our “Calendar of Events” to see some of guests instructors and programs on schedule for this year.

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This year we have added a “Technology” corner which will have tablets and a desktop available (with parental approval) for internet research.

As part of this program we will have internet safety for kids training.

Summer Camp Computer Kit
Summer Camp Computer Kit

This training will include age appropriate information about the dangers on the internet and how to avoid them.

Information provided by The Center For Missing and Exploited Children,  b4uclick,  PBS and others will be presented during “Technology Week”.

The focus of this week will be threefold, first how does the technology work? What is the internet? Where is the internet? What’s “the Cloud”? (maybe some parents would like to attend :-))

Second, build a computer! Campers will have the option to participate in a class on building a computer.

This class is totally optional and includes a basic computer kit for kids (unassembled) and a “computer lab” exercise of assembling, the computer and writing some basic code to see how it all works (approximate cost of kit, code and instruction, without monitor will be $205).

This project has been endorsed by everyone from Steve Wosniak, to Forbes Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

And third (and most important) a substantial portion of the week will be devoted to age appropriate (and entertaining) material on internet safety.

This is a first for this type of Summer Camp and we are excited to be the first to offer this as a part of the Wonder Camp experience.

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We make regular, fully supervised trips with our CPR and Rescue Certified staff to the pool! Kids get a chance to swim, play and just “Chill” at the Pflugerville Park pool!

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One of the best received and MOST FUN field trips last year will be repeated again this year!

An afternoon of “Dart Tag”, food and fun at the local Dart ’em Up game center!

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Food on Fire
Enjoying the “Cultural Experience”

Weekly Day trip opportunities which include visits to places like
restaurants serving authentic cuisine of the current culture of study, cultural food markets, museums, water parks and parks.

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Our camp isn’t just for the campers!

Every other Friday, the parents and family will be invited to a visit with us and see what the campers have learned and the crafts they have created which represent the culture they have studied.

Some “Parent Presentation Days” even include special presentations of new talents and skills acquired during camp.

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Not Just a Camp, a "Worldwide Experience"